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6 STEPS FOR A QUALITY NEW HOUSE April 3, 2018Leave a comment

six steps for quality new house

These days it is quite common to view a model property or apartment to help in making your decision. This does not absolve you from inspecting the property fully. An important point to note here that you should not to be influenced by other parties when deciding how much the property is worth or whether it’s right for you. Although viewing a house or flat can be exciting, it is not that easy to check all the essential details. After scrutinizing the legality of the property, here are some points to ensure that you have a quality new house.

1.      Visit the property multiple times

It has been said that the more you view a house, the more likely you are to spot problems. It is always best to go and see your property more than once in any given week. However, the recommend practise is viewing the property at least two to three times at different times of a day. It will help you to find out how the light, traffic and surrounding noise can play inside your house.

2.      Spend more time at the property

Spend at least an hour viewing the property and getting a real feel for the place. It has been reported that buyers who spend more time at the property are often spot on in identifying problem areas in how the building shapes up. Such buyers are also successful in convincing the builders to make up for the problems.

For instance, make sure you walk around the house and check the exterior. Any damp spots or hairline cracks in the walls, loose tiles on the roof, and other such signs are problem areas that can cost you. Be wary of unusual smells. Find out what the cause of the problem is and whether the builder will fix it.

3.      Check the taps and light switches

Never forget to check the taps and water pressure. Also, go to the terrace and check the water storage. Run the water pump and check if the water does flow. Some builders fill the sump just before the arrival of owners; please do not be misled into believing that there is sufficient ground water. Check it out for yourself.

4.      Check the terrace

Most problems start with the terrace-rainwater not draining properly, direct heat, etc. You need to be around to check if the terrace is given proper waterproofing and heat treatment.

5.      Check before and after the paint job

Common cover-ups in a paint job include painting over a damp wall, hiding wall cracks, etc. Much of the paint defects are not quickly detected until after a few months have elapsed.  Now that is a bombshell waiting to explode!

6.      Get a survey done

Carry out an independent survey in order to uncover any hidden issues with the house you’re buying. More often, such a survey also uncovers faulty construction issues. For instance, incorrect earthing of electrical wiring.

It’s not always easy to inspect your house so rationally; in fact, buyers are often too attached to their property that tend to overlook many problems, which in later years burn a hole in their pocket. In most cases, it would be best to choose a builder of repute for your house. No wonder that well-established players are positioning their projects, such as L&T Realty’s Eden Park, to a well-discerning group of people. For these buyers, a house has a much deeper meaning.

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