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Advantages of a Township Life at Eden Park

Advantages of a Township Life at Eden Park May 22, 2018Leave a comment

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Tucked away from the hustle of the city, integrated townships offer the much needed solace for a new generation of urban dwellers. With much of the major cities playing host to a growing floating population, demands on the infrastructure and services are stretched to the limit that there is no question of accommodating new arrivals. Integrated townships, such as L&T Realty’s Eden Park in Chennai, have become synonymous to providing a high standard of living and urbane quality. Here are some of the highlights of living in an integrated township quite close to the city:

Better quality of life: The surroundings, infrastructure and connectivity are all important factors that lure people towards townships. In most cases, township houses are spacious and well-appointed than apartments in the city. In fact, townships offer something for every one’s taste, thereby creating a microcosm of well-knit and connected community.

Availability of all amenities: Townships have their own schools, malls, hospitals and community centres among other things, which make them a whole world in itself. Some townships are built on a visionary concept in such a way that it reduces your commute time or number of trips you make to a venue. This is an important aspect to note when you choose a township to live in. Amenities or services related to it must be close at hand, and accessing them should not be a hassle.

Security: People opt for staying in a township because of the security apparatus in place. Chances are that township administrators have put in a place a system to regulate visitors and vendors. Moreover, the entire area may be under the constant glare of surveillance cameras and round-the-clock security. It is safe for kids and senior citizens to go about their usual chores without fear or worry.

Sustainable development: Townships come with sustainable development infrastructure such as sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting, solar energy and gensets among others. As urban areas struggle with the rise in population and pollution, townships provide a panacea and welcome relief for people living in the city.

Comfort, connectivity, and convenience: As developers are setting up townships close to industrial estates, software parks, and business districts, they ensure that infrastructure is on par with the best in the industry. They have in place systems that manage power, water, waste and parking. In fact, this factor is one of the key points in positioning the units in an integrated township. Moreover, this factor also helps drive the demand for well-featured townships.

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