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What are the 3 Big Benefits of Being a Res-Eden?

What are the 3 Big Benefits of Being a Res-Eden?4 min read March 31, 2020Leave a comment

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It is a well-loved fact that a brick-and-mortar house magically transforms into a home thanks to the wonderful, cheerful residents within. Each nook has a cherished feel, every cranny speaks of a distant memory… your four walls of treasured security – your home sweet home. How would you feel if you had a similar feeling when you walked out of your comfort zone at home and stepped out into an equally beautiful, verdant and extensive space outdoors in Chennai? Yes, your guess is spot-on! It is Pragnya Eden Park in Siruseri.       

Well-connected to the IT corridor, all the while tucked away far from the urban din and pollution of the city, Pragnya Eden Park is everything that you wished for in a home – clean, green and beautifully serene. To start with, there’s a well knit and bustling community to welcome you. Move in and be enveloped by the love and support of the res-edens! Always looking out for each other, much like how family does. Keep reading to know more on the 3 big reasons to book your ready-to-occupy apartment at Eden Park. 


  1. School’s just a short walk away: We all know about the morning rush hour in homes before the school van honks at 7:30 am, don’t we? Waking the li’l ones up, a rushed breakfast, last minute touches to that school project, getting them ready… the list just goes on! How would you feel if your children were actually looking forward to that school gong every morning? What if you could fully snip that bothersome van commute? Well, pause and reflect on this calm scenario for a moment. Sounds too good to be true? But it sure is! The acclaimed PSBB School is right within the Eden Park campus. While parents can take heart in the fact that their children are in safe environs within the community, the little ones would be overjoyed to spend most waking hours with their school besties! Here’s what a happy mom had to say, “Unlike earlier, my Karan is excited waking up each day & heading to school by foot with his classmates!” – Mrs. Sharma, Mother of 8-year-old Karan.
  2. Stay fit; Have fun: The world at large has woken up to the benefits of staying healthy. Towards this, health is given a big impetus especially in townships which is largely skewed towards children who prefer staying indoors than outside; and adults who scarcely find time to hit the gym what with official and domestic chores aplenty. Pragnya Eden Park has multiple sports facilities for residents to pick and choose from. There’s a clubhouse with a well-equipped gym and allotted spaces for board games and PlayStation for the kids to stay busy, and also an invigorating spa to pamper yourself and indulge in. Get back home feeling renewed and refreshed. Eden Park is also the first-ever residential community in India to introduce a sports facility – with Padel, Skating,  Futsal and Cricket! Over to a fitness enthusiast, Rajiv & I’ve always been tennis buffs & either played doubles together or faced off each other. And now, with Padel within our complex, come evenings & it’s game on. – Suman, Sporting lover 
  3. Where the blueprint is largely green: Close to 1000 families in Chennai breathe in fresh air every day at Pragnya Eden Park. And why wouldn’t they! Nature comes up trumps in the complex what with 17,785 varieties of plants dotted through the facility. You’d need to actually see it to believe it and chime in, that it truly is a wonderfully green world. Here’s exactly where you would break the shackles of being in an urban jungle and acknowledge the beauty of this bio-diverse township. Being a green and responsible builder, Eden Park even had a seed planting activity in the beginning of the year. 50+ residents – children and adults, alike – enthusiastically joined hands to plant a variety of plants in January. Each of them  truly stood by the adage, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now.” To sum up, this is what a happy resident had to say about the verdant township called Eden Park, I’ve prided myself with having green fingers & keeping my home gorgeously green with 37 potted plants. But nothing beats the feeling that I get when I get back after a tiring day at wok and be enveloped in a sea of green! – Reshma, nature lover.   


Convenience, comfort and beauty in a world that resembles the Garden of Eden is calling right here at Pragnya Eden Park. Need to know more? Call us on +917026322632 and we would be happy to guide you

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