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DECORATING THE KIDS ROOM April 3, 2018Leave a comment

decorating the kids room

Decorating the kids room is one of the very first things that dominate any young couple’s thoughts before moving into a new home. Of course, the living room is always the important room but then the kid’s room is the most pampered one. Your kids always have their way when it comes to deciding on the thingamajigs that should be in their room. It is a simple affair. Moreover, the cost of decorating a kid’s place is minimal compared to the budgets allocated for the living room or master bedroom. Still, you can get to influence your kids’ preferences on certain things that should help to lift up the room’s milieu.

1.      Consider plastering a wall paper

Just plain wall coating would not suffice when it comes to the kids’ room. Kids prefer something of their favourite characters or imagery associated with their favourite comics or shows. Remind the kids that the furniture and decor are one time investment and that the wall paper they choose now-or when they change the wall paper later-should always complement the existing fixtures.

2.      Include a bunk cot

Well into their teenage years, kids are fond of their bunk beds. There are numerous options available in the market. Some bunkers come with an attached study cabinet too. Just make sure that the bed area does not occupy much floor space.

3.      Install a mezzanine wooden floor

This is the most favourite among kids. A wooden platform about five feet high works best both as a play and study area. The lower platform can have shelves and a study table, while the upper platform can be a place to relax, a play area, a sort of lounge space, etc.

4.      Get those bean bags!

This is something that you can get real cheap. Bean bags come in different styles and colours. It also acts a good recliner, a mood swing buster. Drop in a couple of bean bags and you will notice that your kids enjoy using it every day!

5.      Add the play boards on the wall

Get that dart board or basketball net. You may find these annoying to have in the room, but kids need these to occupy themselves. These play boards are a necessary distraction to have in the kids room. If the room is a little spacious, you have a foosball table as well. One of the things you should avoid at all cost is buying a TV for kids. Get them any plaything rather the TV; this little care would do a world of wonder for both you and your kids.

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