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How Hard is it to Find the Right Balance Between Luxury and Affordable Housing in Chennai

How Hard is it to Find the Right Balance Between Luxury and Affordable Housing in Chennai September 6, 2017Leave a comment

If you think that luxury and affordability do not mix, you’d be surprised. There are beautiful apartments in Chennai which are luxurious yet affordable, all you have to do is a little research. With many top-notch residential projects coming up in the city, finding an aesthetically-pleasing, modern home, built using materials of the highest quality is not hard. That said, here’s how you can strike the balance between luxury and affordability.

Look for the Right Quality

Luxury at too reasonable a price can sometimes turn out to be very expensive when it comes to maintenance. This may counter the initial affordability. Instead, a better deal would be a well-designed contemporary apartment constructed using the best materials. Plus, a home which is eco-friendly and is built considering the surroundings will save you significant amount of money down the years. This is why before purchasing your home, you should definitely enquire and research about the materials used.

Location is of Importance

Another important factor which affects the price is the location of your home. A home in the most posh area of the town could overshoot your budget. But you can buy a luxurious home at upcoming townships in the suburbs, which would meet all your requirements. At the same time, the price would be well within your budget.

Residential developments such as Eden Park, near the SIPCOT IT Park in Siruseri, have landscaped gardens and all the amenities — including gyms, schools, mini malls and avenues of entertainment for you and your family — within the campus. Being away from the most polluted parts of the city, it turns your home into a relaxing, soothing and welcoming place you’d love to come back to. Thus, luxury is not just opulence but has a much deeper meaning.

Research Carefully

There are many choices you may have when you are looking to buy an apartment in Chennai. In fact, the moment you let your intention known, you would be deluged with offers. And everything looks good on paper, but you have to read between the fine print in order to find the right home.

 Buying your home is a huge investment, both financially and emotionally, which is why it shouldn’t be done on impulse. If you’re willing to look around and spend time talking to the best realtors, you can find your dream home — with the right mix of luxury and affordability — that lets you enjoy a premium lifestyle in a beautiful environment in Chennai.

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