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OMR Shows The Way for Chennaites

OMR Shows The Way for Chennaites May 30, 2018Leave a comment


Coming in the wake of news reports that a section of Metro Rail Phase II will run above an elevated road on OMR fresh details have emerged about how this section of rail network will change the landscape forever. Chennai Metro Rail Ltd (CMRL)’s plans for elevated stations for phase-2 includes using the balanced cantilever method. According to this method, a row of columns at the centre of the road will support the entire structure.

The traffic will below the phase-2 rail corridor will be unaffected. One can only regal at Hyderabad’s cantilevered metro stations that have ushered in durable development projects along its corridor. Although challenging to design and execute, cantilevered structures look both elegant and smart at the same time.

All of the planned 27 elevated stations in phase-2-from Tidel Park to Siruseri Sipcot on Old Mahabalipuram Road-will be built with this cantilevered method. This cantilevered rail corridor reflects not only an efficient use of space but also a futuristic vision for the neighbourhood as well. Already, a slew of builders are embracing the idea of having cantilevered gardens in their high-rise projects. It is appreciable that public works are undertaken in a manner that make them look like a natural extension of the neighbourhood and sets new standards in public building design.

Moreover, even the IT corridor’s businesses have come forward to add to the neighbourhood’s cityscape. For instance, an IT park has come forward and built a contemporary style foot overbridge from the entrance of Ramanujam IT City to the Thiruvanmiyur MRTS station. Complete with an elevator and ramps, this foot overbridge ranks high on user-friendliness and effectiveness. It is hoped that more IT business parks will come forward and take up public projects to help make OMR a shining example of public-private partnership.

With more IT parks in the offing, including the Chennai World Trade Center underway in Perungudi, the question of intelligent public spaces assumes greater significance keeping in mind the growing population density. Integrated townships, such as L&T Eden Park, which have selected this stretch, are showing the path to privileged living.

In fact, Eden Park’s USP is, ‘Step out and find everything you love.’ It cannot be gainsaying the fact that OMR is becoming the most sought after locale for Chennaites yearning for a simple, clean living in one of the most sophisticated stretches in the city.

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