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It takes a lot of courage to question our mindset – Clean your heart

It takes a lot of courage to question our mindset – Clean your heart December 29, 2018Leave a comment

On World Toilet Day, we were touched by a video by Roca, and We Are Water Foundation India. Most of us make this mistake of defining a person by his or her profession. We fail to give respect to people who clean our houses and streets. Roca has come out with a video that will touch our heart and at the same time help us realize the mistake that most of us would have been doing unknowingly.

However educated we are, we tend to make this mistake? Domestic maids are not given access to the toilets in the house. They are either asked to use the public toilets which might be quite a distance away from the home. If it’s an apartment the maid has to use the toilet that is available for the security guard, or the maid has to go in the open air. Statistics says, nearly 60 percent of the people in the world who use the open-air toilet are from India. The video is not about the overall usage of toilets in India, but it touches upon a more significant problem or the social stigma that is still prevalent in our country India.

Many of us still feel our maids are untouchable and they shouldn’t be using our family toilet.

The video strikes a chord with most of the Indian families and has touched upon the emotions that a maid would go through within the members of the family. The key takeaway for all of us is to provide hygienic toilets to workers, employees and house help, who work for us.

The #Cleanyourheart is apt, and the video drives the message strikingly. The brand Roca is known for its innovations in bathroom and toilet products. The brand in itself speaks the quality.

Pragnya Eden Park at Chennai is an example of having a healthy and hygienic workplace for employees, staffs and contract labors. What more, we are proud to be associated with Roca brand for all the houses that we deliver. Here take a look at our toilets, the brand speaks in itself.

Well, after watching the video we are proud of Roca. In our meetings, we say just one thing “Work with the best people with the right mindset even when it comes to the toilet.”

We care for people.

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