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You Have Only 3000 Weekends to Live, Avoid the Risks of Daily Commuting!

You Have Only 3000 Weekends to Live, Avoid the Risks of Daily Commuting! July 11, 20172 Comments

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Did you know that 48% of people want to spend more time with their loved ones rather than commuting every day? If you are one of them, you are wasting precious seconds of your life. Don’t believe us? Consider this: If you are in your 20s, you are probably left with only 3,000 weekends before you die. Sounds depressing? Sure, it is.

But that’s not the only evil of daily commute. Studies show that long-term exposure to traffic pollution can push up the risk of dying by 7%. So stop and think before it’s too late.

Now imagine, if you could enjoy a wholesome breakfast with your family and then, take a leisurely walk to your office. And, then picture yourself jostling for space in a crowded public transport or being stuck in the traffic while running late for work. Which life would you rather choose? We all know the answer!

This is perhaps the reason why the “walk to work” culture is becoming the next big thing in some of the world’s biggest cities.

Switching to the “walk to work” culture not only cuts down a lot of stress from your life but it also allows you to be more productive at work. An average commuter in India wastes nearly 2 hours every day navigating traffic during peak hours. By eliminating these 2 hours of commute time from your daily routine, you can devote 4 extra weeks to your priorities at home and work per year.

Thanks to the benefits of living close to the workplace, many developers these days highlight the proximity of their residential projects to IT parks and commercial hubs as a key selling factor. The only caveat — not all projects are located as per the claims. In fact, some of them can be completely misleading. For instance, some apartments may be hours away from a commercial zone but still advertise this “proximity” as a way to gain attention of buyers.

When buyers choose these apartments, they end up jeopardizing their goal of better work-life balance. As a potential buyer, it’s not enough to visit the location of the project. Take a walk to your workplace to figure if it really offers the walk-to-work privilege.

On the other hand, ventures like Eden Park — with a proven track record of meeting buyers’ expectations and keeping their trust — provide what they promise. With the exact coordinates of Eden Park being 12.8248° N, 80.2068° E, it’s situated right in the heart of Siruseri, the home to the SIPCOT IT Park.

So if you are a working individual looking for a new home, consider projects that are truly built with the walk-to-work concept in mind. Only then, you can reap the fruits of perfect work-life balance and devote more hours to your life’s biggest priorities.

After all, life is short. Don’t waste it behind the wheels!


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