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Yours can be a Green Home Too!

Yours can be a Green Home Too! June 13, 2018Leave a comment

Yours can be a Green Home Too

Energy efficient, sustainable and environment friendly measures do not necessarily cost a bomb. Although most commercial buildings and newer residential projects vie with each for a green certification, you can turn your flat or residence into a green home in an easy, affordable way. Here are some ways to go about keeping your home green:

Insulate door and window frames: Cut down on heat seepage and optimize ambient temperature with proper insulation. By embedding foam sheets around windows and doors, you can reduce energy wastage and consumption.

Use bamboo curtains in balconies: Installing a good quality bamboo curtain cuts down the heat radiation that enters through the French windows or balconies. Moreover, it helps in regulating airflow within the apartment.

Install tap aerators to save water: These attachments can be screwed onto most modern water taps, thereby saving up to half of the typically used amount of water. If the aerators do not fit your existing taps, you can change them because this small expense will go a long way in saving water.

Replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones: Compact, energy-efficient LED bulbs reduce heat, last longer, and save money. LED and CFL bulbs are costly, but they last longer and are more cost-friendly than traditional light bulbs.

Install solar panels: Many may dismiss solar panel installation as a costly affair, but then solar energy comes with long-term benefits with drastic cut in your energy consumption. As it is a clean and renewable source of energy, it is an investment worth making.

Bring nature indoors: Indoor plants, such as crotons, help regulate humidity and moisture content within a room. These are easy to care plants and are the least demanding. Moreover, these plants add to the beauty of the house and give it a rustic charm.

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