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36 Facts You Must Know About Pragnya’s Eden Park in Siruseri, OMR

36 Facts You Must Know About Pragnya’s Eden Park in Siruseri, OMR7 min read December 17, 2019Leave a comment

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Pragnya’s Eden Park is one of the most diverse and aesthetically appealing townships that offers 1, 2 and 3 BHK Apartments in Siruseri, OMR. It is located just off the Old Mahabalipuram Road, beside the SIPCOT IT Park. With Phase 1 delivered, Phase 2 of Eden Park provides a chance to buy the home of your dreams.

Below are 36 reasons why you should be seizing the opportunity right away:

1 – An apartment for every budget
No matter the size, specification or budget, buy your dream homes of 1, 2, 3, or 3 BHK premium apartments at Eden Park, in Chennai.

2 – Awarded as Chennai’s Best Integrated Township 2018 by Times Group

Pragnya’s Eden Park in Siruseri, OMR is recognized nation-wide and is awarded as one of Chennai’s Best Integrated Townships 2018 by the Times Group.

3 – 654 happy families

Pragnya’s Eden Park has successfully served 654 families with their dream home in Phase 1. And yes, Phase 2 of Eden Park is ready-to-occupy.

4 – SIPCOT IT Park is less than 2 km away

SIPCOT IT Park is one of Chennai’s largest IT parks that is home to 25+ companies. And Eden Park in Siruseri, is located just 1.5 km away from the facility making daily commute to work easy and worry-free.

5 – A glance away from the highway 

The campus is located off OMR that is just a short distance from the highway. The location is almost idyllic and gives you the desired break from the recurrent traffic and noise pollution.

6 – 92 acres of refreshing, open land

The vast, open land stretches up to 92 acres of undisturbed beauty of nature. The refreshing, vast area in Siruseri, OMR, offers an opportunity to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and relax.

7 – PSBB right in your backyard

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan is one of Chennai’s oldest and most reputed schools that has a branch right within the Eden Park Campus in Siruseri. It is also the only township on OMR to house one of the most highly regarded institutions right within premises. Yes, the residents of 1, 2, 3, or 3 BHK premium apartments of Eden Park are given first preference. 

8 – Sports-centric township

Pragnya’s Eden Park in Siruseri is OMR’s one and only sports-centric township. The campus is designed to create a healthy and active environment for the residents. Most of the sporting options available are notably unique for a residential township in South India.  

9 – Exclusive visitor Lounge for premium 3 BHK tower

Experience privacy, comfort, and luxury in your meetings with Eden Park’s exclusive visitor Lounge that is located in the premium 3 BHK tower.

10 – Enjoy Sealine from higher floors

Experience a surreal view of the sea that leaves you stunned from the higher floors of all the four towers of Eden Park in Siruseri.

11 – Copious water all year round

Pragnya’s Eden Park is the only OMR property where no water tankers have been requisitioned over the last 5 years. The groundwater table is as low as 15ft. which provides 24×7 supply of fresh, drinking water.

12 – India’s first-ever Padel sport at Eden Park

Regardless of age, padel is a sport for everyone. It is a sport that keeps the mind as well as the body fresh and active. Eden Park is also the pioneer of padel sport within a residential complex in the country. 

13 – 17,785 plant varieties

At Pragnya‘s Eden Park, there are 17,785 species of flora that range from Indian decorative and medicinal, to herbal and fruit-bearing varieties. The plants around the campus provide an opportunity to explore nature, learn more about them, and reconnect with the environment.

14 – 2°C cooler temperature than your surroundings

Nestled amidst nature, the towers experience 2°C cooler temperature than the surroundings. The lush greenery acts as a natural coolant and provides a cooler environment.

15 – Natural air-purifying plants 

Surrounded by diverse species of plants, the residents can blissfully breathe in fresher, purer air. 

16 – Butterfly Garden 

Eden Park attracts a variety of beautiful butterflies in the Butterfly Garden that help in establishing an independent biodiverse ecosystem on campus.

17 – Wake up to the sound of tweets & chirps every morning

The natural environment of the campus is home to an assortment of birds. Feel the presence of nature all day long – right from the time you’re up.

18 – Fully-netted Cricket ground 

Hit your century winning shots without worrying about breaking a window at Eden Park’s Cage Cricket. Howzat!

19 – Fully-netted Football field

Net your goals without a bother with a safer and more confined football field at Eden Park’s Cage Football.

20 – On-campus Basketball Court

At Pragnya’s Eden Park, there is a Basketball Court for you to practise match-winning slam dunks right outside your doorstep. 

21 – Fully-equipped Gym

Enjoy a healthy workout session with a fully-equipped Gymnasium built for the residents to stay fit and active.

22 – Dedicated Senior Citizens’ Outdoor Gym

The Senior Citizens’ Gym is located outdoors so that they can stay fit as well as watch their grandchildren play; all the while engaging with nature.

23 – Fully-loaded Children’s Play Area

Eden Park’s Children’s Play Area is fully loaded with outdoor games and equipment that keeps them engaged while making memories. 

24 – 24 hrs of hot water with solar heater

Pragnya’s Eden Park is one of the only properties on OMR that provides 24 hrs hot water via the environmentally-conscious option of a solar heater. 

25 – Gas Line for all flats

All the apartments are installed with gas pipelines that are safe and convenient. Not just that, it also provides a metered gas supply, which results in transparent billing for every flat. 

26 – Grocery mart within Township

The Eden Park township in Siruseri offers an on-campus grocery mart for all the residents to buy fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits right at their doorstep.

27 – Food options aplenty

Order in from a wide range of food options in Siruseri, OMR, from any of your favorite food delivery apps, and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

28 – Cab-riding facility available round-the-clock

Travel to any place, anywhere with Ola and Uber cab services available 24X7 at Pragnya’s Eden Park in Siruseri, OMR.

29 – Campus built to prevent flooding

The structure of the campus is built in a way that it prevents flooding. The Eden Park campus in Siruseri was one of the few areas that was unaffected by the 2015 Chennai floods.

30 – High-quality ROCA fittings

ROCA is one of the leading brands in the production of sanitary products. At Eden Park township, all the bathroom and washbasin fittings are done using high-quality products from ROCA for the residents to experience only the best.

31 – Security defined by Yale Locks

Yale locks is one of the oldest international brands that are used worldwide. We prioritize security, and hence, all the locks are defined by Yale’s jigsaw locks that are hard to breach.

32 – Schindler Lifts

One of the most well-known companies in the world for manufacturing elevators, walkways, and escalators – Schindler, is installed inside the Eden Park campus for a safer, better lifestyle.

33 – NITCO Tiles

Eden Park is tiled with NITCO tiles, which is one of the best companies that provide double charged tiles rather than single charged ones, for a better and durable life.

34 – L&T Switches

With L&T switches installed at Eden Park, be rest assured of the longer life of switches that are easy to use and reliable.

35 –  Earthquake-resistant aluminum-reinforced walls

The structure of the towers of Eden Park is built with aluminum-reinforced walls that are earthquake-resistant and provide a safe zone for all the residents.

36 – Power Back-up 

At Pragnya’s Eden Park, there is no such thing as a power failure. The entire township has power back-up. 

Pragnya’s Eden Park is a diverse township that delivers 1, 2, 3, and 3 BHK premium apartments that are pocket-friendly and offers a wide range of amenities that accentuate and complement your lifestyle! Call +91 70 2632 2632 to book a site visit.

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