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6 Benefits of Living near Water Bodies in Chennai | Eden Park

6 Benefits of Living near Water Bodies in Chennai | Eden Park3 min read February 26, 2020Leave a comment

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In ancient India, rulers always constructed their architectural marvels near natural or man-made water bodies. Not without reason! History indicates that living near water bodies positively affects lives and lifestyles.
Some of the most sought-after residential properties in the country today, are in proximity to water bodies. They offer grand views of oceans, seas and lakes and have been in high demand for a long time in the real-estate markets.
Most of us living in sprawling cities, often overlook the pros of owning a home that is near a water body. Here are 6 reasons to choose a home or apartment close to a water body and how it can benefit you.

1. Calming Effect

Several International studies have suggested that water bodies calm the human mind and alleviate stress. A living space near water allows residents to feel good and calm, reminding them to ‘go with the flow’. Many workplaces are also understanding the soothing effect of water and are installing water bodies within their office parks or premises. The SIPCOT IT Park is also rejuvenating the Siruseri lake inside the IT park, with a cycling and jogging track.

2. Positive Spiritual Energy

Water symbolises cleansing, positivity and salvation and is said to emit positive spiritual energy. Having a home right next to a water body is not just about the view, it’s also about the positive vibes that spread all around. Research has shown that the ‘blue mind effect’ helps improve serotonin levels in the body, alleviating stress and boosting optimism.

3. High Groundwater Levels

Under natural conditions, groundwater moves to areas of water discharge from areas of water recharge, along flow paths to streams, lakes and wetlands. This ensures consistent groundwater levels and uninterrupted water supply to the areas that surround the waterbody.

4. Beating the Heat

The high heat capacity of water creates a ‘thermostat effect’ that absorbs heat and decreases nearby surface and air temperatures. This cooling effect is a blessing in disguise during the long and tough Chennai summers, don’t you agree?

5. A Touch of Luxury

A home with a view is every homebuyer’s dream come true! Locales
like Siruseri and OMR, have seen rapid growth in the past 5 years and several
posh apartments and gated communities are continuing to rise. All 654 families residing in Pragnya Eden Park’s Phase 1 and 250 families residing in phase 2 would definitely agree when we say that there is instant value addition when you buy a home in a locale that has great demand, promising great future returns and rental value; all with a touch of luxury. If you’re on the lookout for a stunning home, Eden Park may just be the perfect fit for you.
Homes situated close to water bodies are high in demand and world-class homes at pocket-friendly rates are the most sought after in the real estate market, and smart homebuyers are acting quickly!

6. Perfect Ecological Balance

Water bodies form the arteries of biodiversity. The consistent groundwater
levels and healthy and fertile soil around the lake; nurture lush greenery
attracting migratory birds and enhancing the beauty of the entire area.

There is a plethora of reasons to choose a home by a water body, but one must keep in mind that finding the perfect property is not easy. Ready-to-occupy homes in areas like Siruseri are selling faster than ever; with homebuyers looking to improve their ROI and future rentals, given the rapid growth in and around the area. Looking to know more about picking the perfect home for your family? Reach out to our experts at 80 8804 8804

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