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What if you could enjoy Swiss Safety & Swede Greenery in Chennai?

What if you could enjoy Swiss Safety & Swede Greenery in Chennai?8 min read March 2, 2021Leave a comment

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Having to depend entirely on government infrastructure is a frustrating part of life in India. Roads are dug up every few months by the electricity board, the municipality, the metro water department, and god only knows who else! And of course, the woes of living in by-lanes, where even a hint of rain is enough for ankle-deep waterlogging! Potholes, manholes, unexpected power outages – we bear it all without complaint, because we have no other choice, right?


We all have the option of choosing better quality of living without having to depend on the Government. It’s not hard to find, provided we know where to look. And if you’ve read the title of this article, you know exactly where to look for a solution: a Gated Community (also known as a Township). Additionally, owning an apartment inside a gated community is not just a matter of convenience anymore – it’s a symbol of affluence, and opens the doors to a futuristic lifestyle!

But is that the only reason to choose a gated community? Here are a few lesser known (but perhaps more impactful) long-term benefits of living in a gated community in Chennai:


1. Better Infrastructure:

As discussed above – living in a township can mitigate our infrastructure concerns. But how are townships better?

Well, to begin with, it’s because the government has minimal involvement. Builders and developers usually plan all the infrastructure of their townships meticulously, ensuring uninterrupted electricity, water, backup generators, campus maintenance, secure parking, and much more. They also manage any maintenance issues that tend to come up over time. We’d never have to worry about an open pothole at our doorstep or all-night power cuts again, at least not within the walls of our gated community! And what’s better, even the problems inside our homes are handled by the electricians and plumbers on campus – so even the leaky faucet in the kitchen or that flickering tubelight in the living room will be taken care of immediately!


2. Better Security:

Shady characters loitering the streets outside our homes – this is a legitimate fear that all of us have had at one point or another, especially if we’re living in small homes or apartment complexes with poor security. There’s no one to question the salesman or solicitor who can come knocking on our doors at any time.

In contrast, living inside a township offers an extra layer of safety in the form of campus security – be it the CCTV camera setup, or the security personnel manning the gates. Unsavoury characters are less likely to have access to you or your loved ones amid such stringent security measures. Visitors usually have to sign in at the gate, ensuring complete privacy.


3. Better Amenities:

Small apartment buildings with no elevator and no amenities are pretty common, but at least we know what we’re getting ourselves into when we buy them. But many homebuyers have been duped into buying low-end properties by the draw of amenities like a gym or swimming pool. They later discover that the so-called “gym” is just a tiny room with a random dump of gym equipment, while the “swimming pool” is slightly larger than a bathtub, with poor maintenance and hygiene.

Some developers provide amenities, not to provide value to residents, but as a marketing gimmick. Once the apartments are sold, the amenities are no longer of any use to the developer, leading to poor maintenance and neglect. By the time the buyers realize their mistake, it’s usually too late to do anything about it, and they’re stuck with an overpriced home they don’t like, and amenities they can’t use. And resale value? Let’s not even open that can of worms!

In contrast, townships are far more dynamic and have an administrative staff than will manage the day-to-day maintenance and care of all common areas. They are usually managed by reputed builders, and offer only the finest amenities. Jogging tracks, sports arenas, clubhouses and more – all built with great thoughtfulness and care.


4. More Convenience:

Need to buy another bottle of detergent? Need another loaf of bread? Not enough tomatoes? Have to drop the kids to school? Running out of band-aids? It’s super annoying to have to drive to the store for every tiny thing!

But what if everything we need can be found within the walls of our community?

That’s how townships operate. Think of them as little towns within the city. Convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants – some even have schools on campus! And if something isn’t available at the on-campus store, there’s still no cause for worry. Most gated communities are built in prime locations, and a short drive is all it takes to find whatever we desire.


5. More Diversity:

With a population like Chennai’s, the line between the city’s most affluent locales and it’s slums are very slim, sometimes even indiscernible. Tall, upscale apartment complexes share walls with sprawling settlements of shoddy cottages, and as often as not, residents of such buildings end up stepping in dung (a cow’s if they’re lucky), the moment they step out of their luxury condos. But are we comfortable with living close to such places?

This is where families living in Gated Communities have a massive advantage: Townships are an exclusive, yet inclusive community, where everyone knows everyone. We get to experience a true amalgamation of cultures, without compromising on quality of life or hygiene. From bursting crackers together on Diwali, to sharing biryani on Eid, to exchanging gifts on Christmas – townships define the concept of unity in diversity, and facilitate an open and happy community lifestyle.


6. More Space to Grow: 

We all reminisce about the good old days when we were children, running around with other kids from the neighbourhood and playing on the streets. Today, with rising crime statistics, the increase in traffic, and the subsequent increase in rash driving, most parents are afraid to let kids out of the house to play. In the long term, this could lead to children growing up isolated and getting into unhealthy habits such as video gaming or binge-tv watching, which in turn can adversely affect both their health and academic performance. Further, they’re also missing out on opportunities to develop their leadership and social skills at a young age.

A gated community addresses all these concerns perfectly – safety and rash driving are no concern, and there will always be enough open space for children to play. Many townships also offer various sports arenas and indoor game rooms, as well as play areas for younger kids. And with a large number of families living within its walls, there’s plenty of opportunities for kids to make friends and play, learn, and grow together!


7. More Greenery:

Grey is probably any city’s most prominent colour – from the faded wall-paint, to the roads, to the footpaths – even the black-and-white median blurs to grey when we drive past it. The air itself is grey sometimes, when pollution levels are at their peak. An occasional park or the rare manicured lawn is often the only greenery in sight. 

So for those of us who are conscious about the air we breathe and the environment we live in, we can choose to either plant and maintain our own gardens (provided we have the time, space and energy to do so), or choose to live in a gated community. Yes, that’s right! Townships have a government-mandated requirement for on-campus greenery. And all the care and maintenance is handled by the campus staff, which means it’s far less hassle (yet far more effective) than planting and maintaining your own green space.


+1 Bonus: Higher Value:

Still wondering if a gated community is the right way to go? Then here’s the clincher: Resale values are always higher for homes within a gated community, especially for those built by well-known and trusted builders!

And that value is rising higher than ever in this Post-pandemic Era, where people have begun to realize the luxury of having a large, secure, and serene outdoor space to roam in, even at the peak of the lockdown restrictions.  Some townships also went the extra mile to order milk, groceries, and other essential provisions in bulk for their residents, even items that were not usually sold within the campus before. 


A great example of a gated community with long-standing value is Pragnya Eden Park: with a sprawling 92-acre campus, it’s the greenest and most biodiverse township in Chennai. Amenities include padel tennis, cage football, cage cricket, a clubhouse, a gym, a kids’ play area, a separate senior citizens’ gym, a PSBB (CBSE) school, a grocery store, a butterfly garden, a pharmacy, and much more, all inside the campus! Phase I of Eden Park, which was completed nearly a decade ago, is fully occupied by 654 happy families. Phase II is ready to occupy, and already over 80% booked!

Want to explore the township life? Book your site visit to Pragnya Eden Park now: http://bit.ly/Pragnya-LP

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