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8 tips to be productive while working from home

8 tips to be productive while working from home6 min read June 15, 2020Leave a comment

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The global pandemic has pushed us all into our creative workspaces at home, and cut us off from the ‘office culture’ that has stayed stringent for so many years now. Some of the world’s biggest businesses are now reconsidering the idea of working from the office and laying out plans to build a remote workforce, globally. By 2028, studies state that 73% of all departments will have remote workers.

With World Productivity Day just around the corner, we’re here to demystify the myth that working from home plummets productivity. You can stay at home, and double or even triple your productivity with these simple tips.

#1 Stick to your morning routine

When you work in an office, the daily routine of getting breakfast, leaving at a regular time, and commute helps you prepare for the day. Working from home does not mean you have to compromise on your morning routine. Create “start the day” triggers that get your mind ready for work in a similar way, like exercising or even reading the news.

If you’re still lacking the motivation to get started and having a dull morning, apply the ‘eat-the-frog’ technique. Pick the task you consider most difficult or daunting and do it first.

How does it help? Your focus automatically improves when you begin with a tougher task, you get a strategic approach to your day, and most importantly, it gives you great energy. You get the feeling that you’ve accomplished something worthwhile without procrastinating and that conditions your mind to do well in all other tasks you’ve lined up for the day.

Some of the greatest business minds are sticking to this technique, and it’s a golden technique for remote workers. Brian Tracy, productivity and time management expert, explains it best in his bestseller. Trust us, it’s an excellent read.

#2 Pick the perfect location

An ideal workspace keeps you comfortable and helps you cope with distractions. If you are someone who can sit down and productive anywhere, that’s great. However, it is still important for you to gain a work structure by establishing a designated workspace. It can be a separate room, a fully stocked desk, or just a clean part of your kitchen table. Allow your brain to understand that you’re in a place where you can work productively.

And needless to say, don’t plant yourself on your bed. Remember that you are conditioning your brain and behaviour, and years of habit automatically sends a sleep trigger to your brain when you’re seated a little too comfortably on your bed or sofa!

#3 Create a to-do task list for the day

You need positive reinforcement to be constantly motivated while working from home and lists are indicators that you’re making progress. When you list down tasks, you understand what to prioritize, and work doesn’t feel like one giant task. As you write down or type your list out, think about long-term goals and short-term goals. Prioritize those based on time and work from there. A bird’s eye view of the day is a helpful way to stay ahead of the game while working remotely.

Here’s another great tip, create a schedule along with these tasks by taking into account your commitments at home as well. And for calls and meetings, set a fixed time and mark it on your calendar with reminders. This helps you find a routine amidst the chaos.

#4 Set social media limits for yourself

At an office space, you remain glued to your workstation and are running from one meeting to another. At home, you’re setting your own pace. And that’s when we all have the urge to pick our phones up and delve into our social media. Next time, simply be conscious of how often you log in to your social media accounts and gradually start minimizing that time.

If you’re having trouble, which is absolutely understandable in today’s day and age, there are several solutions and apps out there that can help you cope with the need to keep checking your social media updates.

#5 Take small breaks to avoid burnout

Ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? A popular time-management method that breaks your day into small intervals, with tiny breaks. The goal is to maintain maximum focus and creative freshness, thereby allowing us to complete projects faster with less mental fatigue. Here’s how it works- for every 25-30 mins of work, take a 3-4 minute break. Once you complete 100+ minutes of work time, reward yourself with a longer 10-15 minute break. Each work period is what is referred to as a ‘pomodoro.’

Even if you are dealing with a long list of tasks to do for the day, the technique can help you crank through projects faster by culturing your mind to work within the set pomodoro period.

#6 Create a process for collaboration

Working from home may seem like you’re dealing with everything alone, while in reality, you’re really not. Work involves interacting with others and meeting your team, brainstorming, making decisions, and giving and receiving feedback. Set up methods to collaborate and have conversations on a regular basis. Share calendars, set aside update calls, and always keep everyone posted. Just like you would at your physical workspace, the people you work with matter too.

Also, remember that everyone works differently. Communicate with your colleagues and work together, especially in testing times like these.

#7 De-clutter your workspace often

Cluttering your desk with too many files, stationery, or teacups may make you feel cramped and suffocate your productivity. Even though you are confined within your home, use your workstation, only for work. And de-clutter your desk and laptop, at least once a week to be motivated to come back to a well-organized space for work.

#8 Keep your mind and body healthy

Do not overwork or overexert yourself. Pick a definitive log-off time, work out or take frequent walks, and allow your mind to be relaxed. We are all in the middle of a global pandemic and physical and most importantly mental health cannot be ignored. Working remotely does not mean you overlook your personal needs. Stay active, stay healthy, and be super productive.

The Eden Park team has been working from home with absolute commitment; and we are using these techniques and more to keep our work consistent, productive, and deliver the best guidance to homebuyers who are in search of their dream home.

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