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Benefits of having a school in your Apartment | Eden Park

Benefits of having a school in your Apartment | Eden Park4 min read February 26, 2020Leave a comment

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The morning rush hour at home isn’t new to many. Waking up early, hurrying through morning routines and getting the li’l ones ready for school before the school van arrives or rushing to drop them off before reaching your workplace- doesn’t really reflect a peaceful start to the day, does it?
Choosing a home that is close to a well-renowned school is definitely the easy way out of all these hassles!
Here’s how a school within your own gated community can benefit your family and why living near a school is a smart decision for both parents and children.

1. Make Mornings great again!

With a school that is just a few steps away from your home, there are fewer early morning battles. Enjoy a relaxed breakfast with your family, prepare well for the rest of the day and begin your day with a calm and cool demeanor. If your child forgets to take something to school, there’s no need to panic. After all, school is only a few minutes away!

2. Time-efficient

Parents can save time on the commute to and from school, and schedule other activities or classes for their children with the extra time that they end up saving. For working parents, it is quick and easy to drop their kids off before heading to work and beating the rush hour in the process. With the SIPCOT IT Park and several other companies located at the IT Expressway, families are looking to find a home that is convenient for parents and kids alike. Among several projects, Pragnya Eden Park stands out in the ‘IT Hub’ of Siruseri, given that the noteworthy PSBB School is right within the compound of the Eden Park Community. Such a setting is extremely rare and has certainly made the lives of several residents easier and stress-free.

3. Safe and Secure Environment

As a parent, it would be reassuring for you to know that your li’l ones are in a safe environment that you can closely monitor. In case of emergencies, you are just a quick call away! Living within the school community would also allow you to interact with your child’s friends and other parents, to ensure that your li’l one is keeping the right company.

4. Easy on your Pocket

Save the expenses you would have to incur on school bus or prepaid auto services, with a school that’s just a quick walk away from home. Moreover, study groups and playdates do not require long hours of commute when your child’s friends are right within your community, in your neighbourhood. Simply hop to school, especially when it’s part of your kid’s ‘comfort zone’.

5. Higher Property Appreciation Rates

Properties near schools are subject to higher appreciation rates as compared to others, given the demand of living spaces that are convenient for the growing number of working parents in the city. A school within your compound also adds credibility to the quality of the living space, resulting in significant value addition. Over the years. Eden Park has gained significance in the locale and the value of the has seen an upward climb all along.

6. Benefit of Extra Amenities

Your kids do not have to go too far to bond with their schoolmates. A quick game of basketball at the court, swimming lessons and play areas within the apartment; allow your children to get along better with their buddies and engage in fun activities outside of school hours too!

7. A Learning Opportunity

Allowing your child to independently walk to school and stay aware of his or her surroundings, is a great learning opportunity! With schools that are at a walkable distance from home; children can learn to become more alert, check their belongings, manage their time well, instilling a sense of freedom and empowerment.

8. Growing with the Neighbourhood

There’s no need to worry about your child’s overall development, when learning and comfort coincide. Your li’l ones have the opportunity to learn with the neighbourhood, lead a more active lifestyle and perceive school as a place of learning and fun, with increased familiarity and comfort. A prestigious school in the vicinity, 600+ families in and around the locality and world-class facilities; the perfect neighbourhood and home is right here at Eden Park!

If you’re looking for a new home and you have your own checklist of things to consider before investing in one, make sure to include ‘school proximity’ to your list!
Interested? Drop in your details, here.

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