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Did You Know That Just 5,000 Steps A Day Puts You in the Sedentary Lifestyle Mode?

Did You Know That Just 5,000 Steps A Day Puts You in the Sedentary Lifestyle Mode?5 min read October 13, 2020Leave a comment

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During these unprecedented times of the pandemic, with most of us working from home, getting in the right amount of physical activity can become a challenge. Most of us slide into the sedentary lifestyle.
The human body is not designed to sit still for long periods of time. Some form of exercise is essential to keep fit and maintain mental clarity.
With the usual avenues of exercise closed due to COVID 19, many are embracing and rediscovering one of the oldest and most effective forms of exercise – Walking!
A walk in a peaceful environment in the light sunshine of the dawn is an experience to behold. Breathing in fresh air helps clear your mind and enrich your spirit setting you up for a great day ahead.
Not convinced?

Walking is known to prevent several illnesses – including Alzheimer’s and colon cancer.

Studies have proven that people who include some form of physical activity in their routine are less prone to suffer from Alzheimer’s. Walking also helps prevent heart disease and promotes good eyesight. Daily walking is also known to help reduce the risk of coronary diseases and diabetes as well.

People who walk regularly are happier and smarter!

Walking can help in reducing stress by stimulating the release of endorphins. Walking 30-45 minutes a day has been proved to improve symptoms even in patients suffering from depression, as per the journal of psychiatric research. Walking can be a good mood stabiliser and can help improve mental health.
A study commissioned by the National council of Aging published in 1999 found that that walking helped improve the focus and thinking skills of people above 60. It was found that the participants were mentally sharper and had improved concentration once they integrated walking into their daily routine.
According to Mohan, a senior resident at Pragnya Eden Park, walking is not very taxing if you have the right facilities to enable it.
“I used to suffer from extreme inertia when it came to walking. I realise that most of it was since I really did not have a great walkway close to home. After moving to Eden Park, the beautiful walkway itself inspired me to walk. The fact that I could finish my walk without having to drive to a park was a big plus. I also take a lot of breaks during the walk, thanks to the built-in seating along the walkway. The early morning walk really brightens up my day and helps me focus better.”

Here is more – Walking can help you get rid of that back pain!

Walking is an aerobic exercise that helps in maintaining a good muscle tone and aids in weight loss. Even 10,000 steps a day is found to be as effective as a full-blown workout at a gym, especially if intervals and uphill walking are included. Walking also sturdies bones and joints. It is known to help significantly in reducing the common problem of back pain caused by sedentary lifestyle and incorrect posture.
As Reena, a homemaker, testifies – “A daily walk was literally the lifesaver for me. I used to suffer from regular back pain which made it very difficult for me to care for my children. On the advice of the doctor, I started walking. It’s been six months now and my back pain has reduced a lot. I have even joined the walking club within our complex. Being a part of a residential community such as Pragnya Eden Park helped in incorporating walking into my routine without much hassle.”
While adopting the practice of walking comes with a treasure trove of benefits, it is essential to maintain the correct posture while walking. It is important to keep the spine straight, bend the elbows at 90-degree angle, swing the arms and stabilise the pelvis.

Getting in those 10,000 steps

The 10,000 steps equate to around 8km or an hour and 40 minutes of walking. This might seem like a huge commitment but is quite easy if broken into parts.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Incorporate a bit of walking in between your daily schedule – never sit for more than half an hour. Walk to the neighbourhood store instead of driving. Take a walk while on that long work-call.
If your community has a public park – that is a great place to walk. An early morning or late evening walk can help you get to your target of 10,000 steps while also relaxing you.
If you are a resident at a beautiful community such as Pragnya Eden Park, you get an entire 4.5 acres of beautiful green space to explore. Walkways lined with trees with the sounds of chirping birds and sight of beautiful flowers will make your walk a fulfilling experience.
Breathe in the cool, fresh air and let go of all your stress as you enjoy an early morning walk or a brisk evening walk.
When a walkway blessed with nature is a part of your home – even a lockdown cannot disrupt your routine.
In the words of Smriti and Jain, an engineer couple, lockdown has helped them ace their walking game.
“Though a lockdown was imposed – our daily routine of morning walk was not disrupted at all. Within Eden Park, we were able to continue our walks safely. In fact, due to the work from home scenario, we even added an evening walk to our routine. The result being that three months in, we are now much fitter and healthier.”
Come visit Pragnya Eden Park – we promise to take you on the best walk of your life!

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