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OMR’s Past, Present & Future

OMR’s Past, Present & Future4 min read April 21, 2019Leave a comment

OMR The Future Powerhouse
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The Rajiv Gandhi Salai or more popularly known as the Old Mahabalipuram Road is a 45km long, living embodiment of development. What started as an essential route in and out of the old city of Madras, turned out to be a landmark corridor. Here lakhs of people have found themselves a spot to live, work and live life their own way. The journey of the transformation of OMR has not ended yet, with much more to come in future years. Let’s take a look at the past, present, and future of the OMR

OMR-The Old-World Charm

Back in the 20th Century, OMR housed many villages, where the main trade activity was cattle grazing. Many of them still exist, but they’re away from the main OMR road and deep in the locality. You can still find a trace in the form of many cows roaming about in the main streets. Started in the year 1916 as ‘The Madras Trades School’, The Central Polytechnic Chennai was one of the few educational institutes present then that provided engineering degrees.

Palm trees, Cashewnut trees, Mango groves, and many other trees prevailed throughout the area as the rich, coastal soil favored their growth. The area got its new connection of local train services and the government buses running within and outside the city. This opened the world of possibilities and brought OMR to the brink of what would go ahead and be one of the most popular areas for trade, education, and leisure.

OMR-The Old-World Charm

OMR-The present wonder

At present, the word OMR strikes 2 main thoughts to anyone residing in and around Chennai, IT companies and Residential properties. Starting at Madhya Kailash and stretching all the way till Kanchipuram where it meets ECR, OMR has a lot more than what meets the eye.

The areas lining the highway are well developed with all the amenities including Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Restaurants, Banks, Police stations, etc. flats in Siruseri, though surrounded by bustling suburbs, is in fact known for its peaceful lifestyle. This has led to a surge in demand for Real estate properties in this region.

Edenpark Phase – II

Edenpark Phase – II is one of the in-demand properties in this particular locality and many people here have already started investing here purchasing to have a more laid-back style of living.

OMR-The present wonder

OMR is very popular among the younger generation as some of the most prominent and well-established educational institutes are situated in the OMR. The most popular ones being SSN College of Engineering, St. Joseph College on Engineering, National Institute of Fashion Technology and the Satyabama Institute of Science and Technology.

And weighing in the factor of the youth population, many fast-food chains and hotels have opened their branches in the surrounding area. Many major malls like the Vivira Mall and Sarvana Stores-The Crown Mall draws a crowd all week long.

Chennai being the Temple city, some of the major ones can be found along the roads on OMR. The 45 km stretch has 100s of major temples right from Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Karapakam Shivan Temple to Arulmigu Kandaswamy Temple.

OMR-The Future Powerhouse

Chennai is on the eye of various new local start-ups and MNCs to set up their business in. OMR is easily accessible and well set-up in this field, it is the first choice many IT and other industries. And with many offices being set-up, people from across the country have found Chennai. To be an ideal place to kick-start their career. To meet those needs, the suburbs lining OMR are filled with many under-construction sites that will soon be up and running.

Apart from that, metro projects are being planned where there will soon be an accessible line connecting all the major IT parks. This will make it easy for the people living in surrounding areas to commute to work daily.

OMR-The Future Powerhouse

Most of the apartments, villas and any constructions planned in the area focus on going green. Hence the famed OMR is set to gain its green luster back, making it both pleasant to the eye and blissful experience in itself.

The future prospect in OMR is a much talked about topic among the real-estate aficionados. By taking into account all the factors mentioned above, it is considered to be a hot area to invest in. And now would be the perfect time to strike the iron as there are many luxury apartments in Chennai OMR and there is a great availability of the luxurious residential apartments in Chennai.

All in all, it is safe to say that OMR is a great bet and is getting better with time. Hotels and restaurants, the IT hubs are, the number of luxury properties is set to grow, and all in all. The standard of living of the people is set to raise some new bars. What change are you experiencing in OMR over time?

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