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Real Estate, Gold and SIP Investment During COVID – A Comparative Study

Real Estate, Gold and SIP Investment During COVID – A Comparative Study3 min read July 28, 2020Leave a comment

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In these uncertain times that we’re living in, do you ever ponder over where you must place your money? Investors have arguably been experiencing an unprecedented level of anxiety and are unsure on the most ideal destination for their money. Yes, there would be those who’d look at the shimmer of the yellow metal. Or probably even those among us who would park their money in SIP.

While the votes may keep shifting between gold and SIP, ever wondered what a prudent investor looks at today? Your guess is right! He’d carefully examine the long road ahead and bank on the one investment that’s for a lifetime and more – real estate.

If recent reports are anything to by, the current economic flux has not dissuaded realty investors. A recent report by Anarock Property Consultants confirm that homebuyers are ready to take a big leap of faith and invest in a home, but something that’s ready to occupy. The report stated – “Out of all participants that voted for real estate as the best asset class for investment, at least 55% were in the age bracket of 25-35 years as against 42% in the previous survey. Interestingly, 68% of all these millennials are end-users.”


All that glitters isn’t gold

It is true that gold makes for good investment, especially during times of crisis. Take a moment to recall the Lehman Brothers debacle when investors had forsaken their shares to invest in gold. But as we all know, that is a decade-old tale. Despite ever-changing global markets and plunging commodity prices, interest in gold too has waxed and waned in good measure this year.

To SIP or not to SIP

Systematic Investment Plan is a broad term wherein investors make regular and mostly equal payments into mutual funds and do the waiting game. Dependent on the prevalent market conditions, a SIP investment can go either north or way down.

Real Estate in the Time of Corona

Today, if approached correctly, the best and most informed decision an investor can make is in real estate. Experts avow that real estate is a reliable investment option that generates substantial returns in the long run. Additionally, it creates the pocket for surplus income if leased out and also helps in tax benefits.

For better perspective, check out the statistics below.

Gold SIP Real Estate
Fluctuating rates of the shiny metal For the first time in a decade, markets are down & show no sign of immediate recovery Has always been the trusted and bankable money-spinner with its high asset tangible value
Sheen of gold is wearing due to inconsistency in prices Not a bankable investment any longer Loan rates are falling that has been leading to more takers
Mostly a festive or celebratory trigger, it been hit due to the global sentiment of wants vis-à-vis needs Solid returns take shape after a minimum cap of 5 -10 years Security blanket for the present & the future and now with quick breakthrough of demand-supply
Demand has sharply declined in 2020 Full-blown bullish market Passive income
Instant gratification No immediate gratification No immediate gratification

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