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Why are 3 BHK Homes in Demand Post COVID?

Why are 3 BHK Homes in Demand Post COVID?4 min read October 27, 2020Leave a comment

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A recent survey reveals that a whopping 63% of home buyers now prefer 3BHK homes!
Yes, home is no longer just our refuge after a hectic day. COVID-19 has turned our homes into our entire world.
Home has always been at the heart of our most memorable moments. Be it the very first meal you cooked together with your partner, or your child’s first steps, home is where the magic happens. Yet, when our lives get confined by the walls of our home, we yearn for a bigger home that fits our needs better.

The new normal

In the post-COVID world, homes need to be designed in a way that allows it to serve many purposes. Home is now the office, the relaxation zone, the restaurant and even the exercise space. Our homes must now become multi-functional spaces as lines between work and home become blurred. Homeowners have now come to understand the need for bigger spaces, making 3BHK homes greatly in demand. This is further validated by the historically low interest rates and low housing price points. The infinite possibilities that an extra room can offer is now understood by homeowners and designers, alike.

In the words of Ajay Jacob, a software professional looking to upgrade to a 3BHK from his 2BHK home:

“There are many reasons why a 3BHK home has become important to my family. On spending so much time at home, I now realise the potential of a third bedroom. It can be intelligently transformed into a space that can become a home-office in the daytime and a home theatre by night. A 3BHK allows designated spaces for every member of the family. We always knew that a three bedroom would be something good to have. It’s only now that it has become an unavoidable requirement. I am looking at a ready-to-move 3BHK with a floor plan that provides ample light and ventilation in the third bedroom.”

Most organised builders provide 3BHK units with ample space and privacy. The ready-to-move 3BHK unit at Pragnya Eden Park at Chennai offers a large third bedroom (11’x10’) with big windows on both sides that permits perfect cross ventilation. This east-facing room with an attached bathroom can be designed into a flexible space to fit the homeowner’s aspiration. Planned close to the living room, this can be the ideal space for a home-office that can even double up as a nursery for the kids.

The third room of possibilities

While the lockdown has been unexpected, it has also nudged people towards a more therapeutic way of living. Research tells us that home improvement spending has gone up significantly in the last few months. Balconies are now breathing spaces with several homeowners creating mini gardens on their balconies.
Multipurpose rooms have now become essential in every household. Designers and homeowners are now becoming innovative in the design of their third bedroom. From developed ‘home-tech’ solutions (touch free taps, lights and noise cancelling acoustic materials) to customised lighting to enable better quality on video calls – creativity is on the rise. Modular furniture can now easily convert an office room to a cosy bedroom by night.

While a 3BHK is the go-to choice for most homeowners, a 3BHK within a good community is like the cherry on the cake. Communities with well-built amenities have now become important to the homeowners.

For instance, Pragnya Eden Park offers unparalleled amenities. Apart from extensive landscaping, there is also an exclusive clubhouse with gym, library and children’s playroom. A cricket ground for the boisterous little girls and boys and a tree lined walkway for the grownups is a luxury that Eden Park presents.

Eden Park also offers excellent sports facilities and has the reputed PSBB school within its premises.

A timely investment

The world as we know has been mostly cooped up these last few months. True, finances may have gotten tighter, but the family bond has truly become stronger and better. Additionally, the closure of entertainment avenues such as malls and cinema houses have made way for unforeseen savings in the family kitty! Let’s just call it the positive and therapeutic side of the pandemic.

As we prepare for the new normal, it might just be the right time to invest in a beautiful 3-bedroom apartment that can be the home of your dreams.

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