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The importance of schooling

The formative years in any child are pivotal in shaping his future. Once he leaves the safe environs of his home, he spends a large amount of his waking and impressionable hours at school. Sure, it is true that children begin learning right from their time of birth by watching with their eager eyes the sights and sounds around them. But actual and processed learning happens within the warm, regimented corridors of a school. For, it would be the space for him to feed his curiosity, expand his wisdom and nurture his overall person.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan – 60+ years of imparting knowledge

It was a little after Indian independence that a new star was born in the field of education. Back in 1958, an enterprising group of housewives took the bold step of imparting education to bright-minded and inquisitive young minds. What started out with modest beginnings soon grew into an institution to be reckoned with. Under the able guidance of the Progressive Acharya – Mrs YGP as she’s fondly known, PSBB became one of the most reputed schools. Mrs. YGP’s dictum of AIR – Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility was accepted and endorsed not just by the faculty, but by the students as well.   

Teaching techniques at PSBB

Indianisation of students takes place naturally through a spirit of osmosis. Every step is taken to instill in children a regard for values in keeping with the spirit and the sound foundation of our culture, custom and heritage that form the edifice of teaching-learning process at PSBB. Value education is an integral part of the school curriculum offered once a week not merely a class when the teacher in the form of a monologue disburses values but they are imbibed, absorbed and practised both by students and teachers. PSBB provides the perfect ambience for students to ‘think good and act good’. While the students are openly and vociferously praised for their achievements, they are privately counselled on their lapses.

PSBB at Eden Park, Siruseri

The legacy of PSBB group of schools spreads far and wide! And literally so. The first school is right at the centre of the city at Nungambakkam. An hour’s drive away is the PSBB centre of learning at Pragnya Eden Park in Siruseri. With an esteemed school in the campus, even after two-plus centuries, Benjamin Franklin’s legacy lives on and his words ring true – “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Let’s spin this further and think of the double investment this entails. Although quite a few number of schools have come up near Eden Park, the best school is within the community!   

Siruseri, OMR

The IT corridor here is seeing a boom like never before. There has been a rampant growth of the number of schools in OMR. How Siruseri smoothly transitioned from being a sleepy hamlet of bygone days to an area of fast-track development is one that’s meant for the record books. Thanks to IT parks, educational institutions, hospitals, real estate boom and entertainment options aplenty, this part of the city never seems to sleep. Forever fast-paced in action and resplendent in glory and architectural splendor.

Pragnya Eden Park

Spaciously designed homes just off the OMR and right beside the SIPCOT IT Park, apartments at Pragnya Eden Park are a dream come true for the 600-odd residents. Available in varied custom sizes such as 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK regular and 3 BHK premium apartments, there are options for small and big families. The living spaces at Eden Park are bountiful in aesthetics, comfort and modern-day amenties. With 17,785 varities of plants and trees in the township, Eden Park is by far the most bio-diverse lifestyle project on OMR. Experience the best of Siruseri at a township called Eden Park!

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