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Eden Park is the place for perfection and high standard of living. We use ROCA, the World leader in Sanitaryware for our washrooms.

Even the bathrooms are given attention just like the rest of the rooms of your beautiful home. Everything inside the toilet will have luxury written in it under the brand name "Roca."

That's Eden Park for you.

Sanitaryware designed around comfort, convenience and class.

  • World leaders in World leaders in all your bathrooms.
  • ROCA sanitaryware has been the trusted brand for global landmarks like Eiffel Tower, Beijing Olympics Village, etc.
100 year old internationally acclaimed brand. Then moved to boilers before they moved to sanitaryware by manufacturing bathtubs. 78 production plants spread across five continents.
Started by making radiators for domestic heating. Present in 170 different countries. Installed at famous landmarks like Bolshoi Theatre, Eiffel Tower, Beijing Olympic Village and more

Safe, secure and Peace of mind.

  • Entry to the Towers, only with Access Card
  • World renowned 175 year old Yale brand door locks for your home
  • 24/7 Security manning the premises
Creators of the modern day pin-tumbler lock based on the Egyptian pin-tumbler wooden lock mechanism used several thousand years ago Inventors of the Combination locks which has no keys. All other popular lock brands owe their design to Yale
The preferred locking mechanism in most of the bank safes across the world Yale brand locks are used on ultra luxury brands like Rolls Royce Motors.
Keys of Yale locks cannot be duplicated

More elevators Less congestion

  • 4 large elevators per tower
  • Each block at Eden Park is installed with the state-of-the-art touch button Schindler lifts, to ensure safe and comfortable movement.
Schindler Lifts - 140 plus years history Elevator of choice in some of the world famous landmarks like The ICC Tower in Hongkong, Istanbul Grand Airport, Mumbai International Airport, Crown Sydney, Australia and more.
Over a billion people use Schindler lifts, escalators, etc, everyday
One of the world's famous brands in people transportation systems

Get floored with Your floors

  • Double-charged vitrified tiles that are stronger and long-lasting
  • Renowned brand NITCO tiles for your entire home, except the master bedroom.
NITCO brand has won many awards for its innovativeness, since its inception in 1953. Exported to countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and other European and African countries.
13 CAPEXIL Awards for Innovation and Design. 2 Construction World Awards Environment friendly LEED Certified tiles.

Wide Corridors. Aesthetic Corridors.

  • Every corridor is6ft. wide for easier movement.
  • Corridors paved with India's largest premium tiles brand Somany.
  • Corridors near the elevators are 11 ft. wide, for large furniture to be moved easily, and also for better air circulation.
Founded in 1969 Is the unchallenged leader in the Indian Ceramic Industry with significant presence in India, Africa, The Middle East, United Kingdom and Russia.
The first and only company in India to get a patent certificate Clientele includes the famous Tirupati temple, banks and corporates like HSBC, American Express, Indian Oil, Tata, Essar Group and more.

Master Bedroom, fit for the master.

  • Master Bedroom, fit for the master.
  • Aesthetic wooden flooring from one of the leaders
Forerunners in the wooden flooring industry Wood is sourced from their own forest reserves in Malaysia and Brazil
Entire product line-up is harvested, treated, manufactured and sold by Xylos The esteemed clients list of Xylos include renowned names like ITC Hotels, Hyatt, Shangrila, Marriott, etc.

Sports Centric Township. Active body and mind.

  • Some of the sports and gaming facilities planned, are the first of its kind in any residential community in South India.
  • The 40,000 sq. ft. clubhouse offers a range of amenities to keep you and your loved ones entertained.
  • Indulge in various leisure, relaxation and wellness facilities, right at your doorstep
  • The project has been impeccably designed to improve the quality of life with a host of sporting facilities to keep the residents active and healthy.
  • These include Futsal and Padel which are the latest trending sports activity for the NewGen.


The other sporting facilities include:

| Swimming Pool | Tennis Court | Gymnasium | Aerobics Hall | Indoor Games | Billiards | Children's Play Area / Play Station Room | Skating Rink | Jogging / Walking area | Basket Ball Court

Piped gas anytime. all the time.

  • Safe and convenient.
  • Metered gas supply and transparent billing.
  • No individual cylinders at home.
  • No individual cylinders at home.

Green Trees, Clean air and loud laughter.

  • Eden Park Phase 2 has 4.5 acres of open space.
  • Project is more a green haven than concrete.
  • A perfect environment that one gets to experience the sounds of birds chirping, the bees buzzing and the laughter of children.
  • Lined with trees, park, play area, etc., contributing to more than half the total area
  • Fresh clean air and cooler environment.

No more rushing before the last bell.

  • The only township on OMR to house the prestigious PSBB School right within the premises. Classes from LKG till +2 in the same campus.
  • Known not just for its academic excellence, but also for all round development of the child.
  • PSBB's first school celebrated its Diamond Jubilee (60 years) this April.
  • Alumni of PSBB include A R Rehaman, Ravichandran Ashwin, Venkatesan Guruswami (renowned Computer Scientist) and more.

Another feather added to our cap!


The growing need for residential spaces has given thrust to the real estate industry in metros. Now the real estate industry has a rainbow of options to offer, which is making evaluation in the real estate space a herculean task. The Times Group took upon itself to do a survey and identify a list of Top Real Estate Players/Projects in Chennai in their respective categories. And the outcome of this exhaustive study culminated in awarding us the Best Integrated Lifestyle Township 2018.

Built with you as the centre of everything


Edenpark has surpassed all expectations to give clients homes to cherish for a lifetime. The developers' passion to craft architectural masterpieces, coupled with the spirit of innovation, has led to the genesis of superlative homes that makes it a lifestyle haven.

And what better way to sum up this project than what a resident has to say 'Eden Park has everything in-built for a peaceful and healthy living for the entire family. For me the only reason to go out from Eden Park is to work and that too is practically next door. It's like I asked them to build

24x7 Supply of potable water

  • Ground water table at our site is as low as 15 ft.
  • Site specifically chosen due to the presence of clean lakes around for abundant supply of potable water.
  • No shortage of water even during peak summer.
  • Only property on OMR where no water tankers have been requisitioned over the last 5 years.